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Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine

Advanced Carp Fishing magazine

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Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine Description

Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine SubscriptionAdvanced Carp Fishing Magazine is the title for you if you love carp fishing or you want to try for bigger fish. Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine is reportedly the top selling magazine about carp fishing. In the magazine you will find articles with advice for anglers on how to improve their fishing experience. There are also reviews of fishing gear news on new products and notices of upcoming fishing competitions including monthly contests run by the magazine itself.If you are new to carp fishing carp is the name for a variety of large freshwater fish all found in the family of Cyprinidae. The carp is native to only Asia and Europe but it has been introduced internationally. The largest carp are commonly found in rivers that connect with the ocean. One of the largest carp ever caught was in 2007 around Bordeaux France weighing in over 88 lbs. In some areas carp have become a nuisance problem threatening the ecology of the areas like the Great Lakes. In Australia introduced carp appear to be damaging the ecosystems of the Murray Darling river system.Angling for carp is a growing sport. It has been popular in Europe for many years but the carp fishing is increasing in popularity in the United States and elsewhere. The UK is the most popular area for carp angling as they are considered a difficult fish to catch. Bait for carp fishing is various including canned corn mixed with dough or boilies made from milk eggs and flavoring. Carp can be eaten but it is not considered to be good eating.Subscribe to Advanced Carp Fishing magazine to find fishing stories about the four forties in eighteen hours and the results of an angling survey and an article on women anglers and monster carp catches.  

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