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American Photo magazine

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American Photo Magazine Description

American Photo Magazine is a bimonthly magazine that is a recent entry in to the world of photography. The magazine was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to photography enthusiasts around the world who have a passion for taking pictures. The publication is inspiring provides beautiful photo essays in every issue and showcases the best in photographic journalism and film.The tagline for publication is to change the world through the art of photo journalism. This is not your typical photography how to publication. American Photo Magazine looks at photography as an art form and portrays it that way. There are articles on photographic trends behind the scene information about a photograph or the photographer. There is technical information reviews of cameras and gear and photographic tools to use to achieve great photography.Recent articles in this artistic publication include a look at Jamaica’s golden age of music as seen through film a photojournalistic look at the week a peek inside the filming of the cult TV show Twin Peaks and a photo essay which addresses the pain of returning veterans dealing the issue of post traumatic stress.Another article looks at iconic photos captured at Olympics in times past including images of when Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board. Recent photos from the games in London illustrate the ability to capture the drama in a photo.A subscription to American Photo Magazine allows you to look at the world of photography and film in its highest art form. The magazine is there to inspire and inform while providing stories and articles that give you a goal to reach for in your photographic work. You also join a community of serious photographers who want to document the world as it is today through the lens of a camera.

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