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Asian Art Newspaper Magazine

Asian Art Newspaper magazine
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Asian Art Newspaper Magazine Description

From the ancient to contemporary, Asian Art Newspaper gives you a snapshot of what's happening in the world of Asian and Islamic art around the globe. Each issue brings you news, an interview with a prominent or emerging artist, special features, as well reviews of major exhibitions, auctions, art and antiques fairs, gallery shows, and other events. We also include the performing arts, film, and books, to link the past with the future. Our world is truly international – East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian as well as Himalayan arts, combined with coverage from Sydney to Shanghai and from New York to London. Each year we produce special guides within the newspaper that cover the main Asia weeks around the world – New York, London, Hong Kong, Paris and Brussels – to help you easily find what's happening, and where to go and what to see. We also have our eye on emerging markets and attend art fairs around the world, including USA, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Turkey and the UK. And not only can you read reviews of the major exhibitions around the world, but we also take you to the smaller but no less important ones, giving you a truly international picture of the Asian art market. Auctions, art markets and fairs are found at the back of the newspaper along with a comprehensive listings page, which includes conference, lecture and film information. For anyone with an interest in the art of Asia and the Islamic world, historical or contemporary, Asian Art Newspaper is the truly necessary way to keep up to date.

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