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Skeptic magazine
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Skeptic Magazine Description

A leading international publication in the realm of skeptical inquiry Skeptic magazine examines extraordinary claims and revolutionary ideas promotes critical thinking and serves as an educational tool for those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint. Each issue examines a specific theme and explores various social scientific and paranormal controversies. We investigate claims of the paranormal pseudoscience fringe groups cults and claims between: science pseudoscience junk science voodoo science pathological science bad science non science and plain old nonsense. Our contributors-leading scientists scholars investigative journalists historians professors and teachers-are top experts in their fields. The magazine has been called “stimulating and provocative” by Carl Sagan “clearly superior… gutsy” by Edward O. Wilson and “the best journal in the field” by Stephen Jay Gould. Our editor-inchief Dr. Michael Shermer has been called the most prominent skeptic in America and his monthly column in Scientific American and his numerous books and media appearances have made Skeptic a respected voice in academia.

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