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The Greatest Games Ever Magazine

The Greatest Games Ever magazine

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The Greatest Games Ever Magazine Description

<br/><br/>“Today was the best feeling in my life. It doesn’t get better than this. If it wasn’t for the support of the crowd, I don’t think I’d have won that because it was a very close race. With 200m to go I still didn’t have a big enough gap so I had to push again and work hard.” Mo Farah 10,000m.<br/><br/>The Olympic and Paralympic Games may have come and gone but their legacy leaves a lasting memory for all who either attended, watched, competed, officiated or helped in any way. This bookazine journals every event and the medallists, plus much more. We have tried to capture the atmosphere, the stories and the drama – all suitably illustrated with some stunning iconic photography. There was plenty of joy and also some tears, mixed with the odd outburst of frustration – all part of the theatre of sporting emotions. The Olympic Stadium provided everyone with action of the highest quality from the best athletes on the planet. <br/><br/>The Games also gave the world an insight into how superbly well Great Britain deals with and delivers tasks of the highest order. All the opening and closing ceremonies were a heterogeneous display of choreography never seen before on such a stage. Of course, one thing we can’t describe fully is the noise made by the frenzied spectators. Suffice to say, almost unequivocally, every competitor when interviewed after their competition, said the same two words about the deafening roar and atmosphere that resounded from every corner: “Unbelievable” and “amazing.” These sentiments were echoed by all 80,000 spectators who filled every seat during every session. We sincerely hope you appreciate our latest offering – a record and memento of the greatest games ever. It has been 64 years since the last Games were held in the city and it will probably be a life-time before they come back again. We at AW enjoyed putting together this publication and we hope you enjoy it too! <br/><br/>The Greatest Games Ever: AW reviews the London 2012 Olympic athletics, the build-up, the atmosphere and the legacy. How each gold was won and the stars of the games Ennis, Farah, Rutherford, Ohuruogu, Grabarz, Bolt, Pearson, Rudisha, Eaton, Spotakova plus much more.

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