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The Source magazine

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The Source Magazine Description

SourceThe Source is one of the most widely read magazine in the United States. It is an eclectic magazine covering the domain of musical world and throwing much light on the global music scenario. The Source is issued from the U.S. It is a monthly magazine being published once in every month. The Source started out in a humble note having its introductory issue in the year 1988 but lover the years went on to become one of the most sought after musical magazines. The magazine has a very interesting façade and has glossy pages and contains colorful pictures. It is a musical magazine specializing in the sphere of various genres of music like-hip-hop music country pop rock and many more. The Source prides itself for being the second longest running rap magazine in the whole world coming only a close second to a Britain’s periodical.The Source features news and updates regarding any new album releases the new songs of celebrated and renowned singers and artist both of the U.S as well as the rest of the world. Any news and updates you need to know about the music world and you get that from the Source. You seek any sort of musical knowledge be it about a musical event or any information relating to an artist’s style of singing- you name it and you get to know from none other than the Source. The magazine also houses segments such as “Culture” “Politics” “Entertainment” “Sports” “Music”. It also has a personalized ratings system for individual music albums. It educates its readers about news from various fields including sports and provides a wealth of information about the new budding talents in the realm of music the ever growing and all embracing music industry and its innovations in terms of recreation of new styles and genres of music.The Source is written in a very crisp and lucid as well as easily intelligible language making it extremely reader friendly and at the same time they are enriched by the writings of some of the celebrated singers like Eminem Rick Ross to name a few.

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