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Aeroplane magazine

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Aeroplane Magazine Description

Aeroplane Magazine subscriptionAeroplane Magazine was founded in 1911 under the name Aeroplane and was originally published on a weekly basis. The focus of the UK magazine is historical aircraft mostly military planes from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Aeroplane Magazine covers aviation news history and the preservation of vintage planes. You will find information on planes like the Spitfire the Lancaster and the Hurricane in the pages of Aeroplane Magazine. In addition Aeroplane Magazine provides articles on vintage civil light aircraft that other historical magazines do not include.Recent articles in Aeroplane Magazine include an article on maintaining vintage Stirlings. Short Stirlings were the first British heavy bombers with four engines used in the Second World War. The Short Brothers were the creators of the bomber and the plane went into service in 1941. There is also an article discussing the creation of database on the Westland Lysander aircraft. The Westland Lysander was a liaison aircraft which was used in espionage missions in occupied France. The name came from the fact that it was manufactured by Westland Aircraft and the troops gave it the name of the mythical leader of the Spartans - General Lysander.A fascinating discussion in Aeroplane Magazine looks at what happened to early aviator Amelia Earhart - did she land on an isolated island or did she come down in the Marshall Islands and the Japanese captured her or did the plane simply crash somewhere in the ocean? The mystery continues today 75 years after her disappearance.If you love planes and history and military operations   you will love Aeroplane Magazine. The stories the lists of upcoming air shows the news on historical planes and exhibitions are both captivating and educational. Subscribe today to Aeroplane Magazine and get in on the history of early military airplanes. 

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