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Black Belt magazine

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Black Belt Magazine Description

Black Belt MagazineBlack Belt Magazine was founded in 1961. The monthly US publication is dedicated to martial arts and combat sports. Black Belt Magazine is reportedly one of the longest running publications in the area of self defense and martial arts in the US. Famous marial art practitioners like the legendary Bruce Lee have contributed to the publication over the years. In Black Belt Magazine you will find articles on a variety of martial art styles and combat sports interviews with professional martial masters owners of martial art schools and celebrities and discussions of martial art techniques. The types of martial arts covered in Black Belt Magazine include judo karate taekwondo hapkido jiu jitsu jeet kune do kung fu aikido pankration and kune do and other traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts training.  In addition you will find information on martial arts weapons the history of martial arts history and philosophy. The emphasis of the publication is on self defense and in particular military and police self defense combat. You will also find articles on upcoming competitions and shows. There are also reviews of martial arts videos and training material and gear. In recent issues of Black Belt Magazine you will find articles such as self defense moves for women a discussion of taekwondo forms and self defense moves self defense moves in combat hapkido by John Pellegrini a review of the taekwondo moves video with Hee-II and the Sankaku-Jime judo video with Ronda Rousey. There are also recent articles on the history of judo including information how judo Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts all intersect historically Olympian Jimmy Pedro explains four judo moves that every mixed martial arts practitioner should know and Jean Jacques Machado demonstrates five armbar setups in BJJ technique. If you are in to any of the martial arts you are going to want to subscribe to the leading magazine on martial arts and combat sports.

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