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Improve your Coarse Fishing
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Your bait bundle includes:

  • 350g Frenzied Hemp tin: Frenzied Hempseed is cooked inside the tin so that all the natural oils, attractants and goodness are retained.
  • Frenzied Hempseed Worm Groundbait: Containing ground hempseed, this is a light, active mix.
  • Frenzied Hempseed Match Black groundbait: Packed full of hemp and oils, this is irresistible to all species, but it’s especially good for silvers.
  • Marine Halibut Durable Hookers: A marine halibut flavour version of the Swim Stim Durable Hooker, available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm versions.
  • XL Liquid Worm: The perfect worm boost. Comes in a 250ml bottle.
  • Dynamite Towel: Keep your hands dry with this stylish match fishing towel with Dynamite logo. Great for mixing groundbait or drying hands.

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