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International Artist Magazine

International Artist magazine

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International Artist Magazine Description

International Artist MagazineInternational Artist Magazine for artists worldwide. Visit studios around the world in the full-colour photographs and interviews. Get featured articles and news of master artists. Find out where competitions and shows are being held. Learn techniques and get ideas for your next project.From the beginner to advanced artist you will love the beautiful magazine full of pictures and strategies for improving your painting technique. Read the featured articles about artists. See how the studio is set up. Learn how others select their next subject. Discover how to apply new techniques. Find out the creative process in planning a piece. Learn new techniques that you can immediately use on your next project.All artists need inspiration. Discover what inspires well-known artists around the world. Read the interviews with these artists and find out what makes their work famous. Discover what future projects are and how it is planned. Compare your skills and techniques with these artists.Learn how to select acrylics or watercolours. Read reviews about brushes and canvasses to use. Get advice on brush strokes or sketching. Get the latest book on painting techniques or how to improve your skill.Enter a competition to display your work. Enter your landscapes seascapes still life or favourite subject in a competition. Read about the winners of events and learn why it got the award. Get information on workshops to increase your technique and skill. Learn what types of paintings are winning competitions.Beginners and experienced artists can learn new techniques and strategies when reading International Artist Magazine. Find out how master artists work and apply their advice to your work. Read inspirational articles and see amazing photographs of other’s work. Attend a competition or enter your work. Discover secrets to making your work memorable. Get all this and more in the next issue of International Artist.

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