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Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper Magazine

Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper magazine

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Le Monde Diplomatique Newspaper Magazine Description

Subscribe today to Le Monde diplomatique newspaper and save money plus get FREE access to our searchable archive.<br><br> Meet a major international paper that is truly independent. Le Monde diplomatique sees the world in fresh ways and from a different viewpoint. That focuses on places no other publications reach. That makes clear what is happening globally, and why, every month.<br><br> Le Monde diplomatique specialises in authoritative journalism – things nobody else knows about until we’ve exposed them and important stories other papers miss altogether. And we publish wonderful writing that illuminates the state of our planet.<br><br> In a world noisy with misinformation, where independent voices have to fight even harder to be heard, Le Monde diplomatique brings you passionate yet objective reporting of global events and sharp analysis from international thinkers.<br><br> Subscribe to Le Monde diplomatique today and save up to 28% on the cover price. What’s more, you’ll receive FREE online access to our complete, searchable archive of articles published since 1997.

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