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The Chap Magazine

The Chap magazine

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The Chap Magazine Description

The Chap MagazineThe Chap Magazine is one of the leading men’s lifestyle magazines of the United Kingdom. This is a magazine for all those men who preach style sophistication and class with the classic English elegance. The magazine which is published once every two months carries some beautiful pages and pictures with some amazing content focussed on current affairs and their take on the modern way of life. The magazine specializes in gifts and gift sets for men focussing on grooming sets for men. The Chap magazine strongly follows and advocates the British tradition and culture and openly opposes the modern way of life. The magazine proposes a return to a cultured way of life complete with donning tweed smoking pipe wearing neat and pressed clothes drinking quality beverages and being courteous to women. The publishers and the readers of the magazine known as Chappists believe that the society is of no good if the common etiquettes are not withheld like wearing a proper headwear or pressing pants or even showing the lady some manners. The classic elegance of the Englishman reflects from the content and the pages of the magazine. The Chap takes on modern living modern dressing and modern thoughts. The thoughts presented in the magazine are believed to be from a more refined era. The very logo of the magazine showcases a man donning a hat and a pipe underlining the essence of what lies within the pages. The Chap Manifesto is a ten rule manifesto on how to become a Chappist. The beautiful black and white and sepia images of the men and women in the magazine speak of the refined culture which has now been lost in the modern era of fun and frolic. The Chap magazine is delivered to all parts of the world. Subscribe today to know more about being the Englishman. 

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