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Family Wordsearch Jumbo Magazine

Family Wordsearch Jumbo magazine

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Family Wordsearch Jumbo Magazine Description

Family Wordsearch JumboWordsearch is a brain tickling exercise at one’s ability to juggle with words not only to sharpen brain memory function to recall but also add to its repository when an unknown word is encountered. Organized amidst family members it not only adds value to the knowledge gaining exercise for the family unit as a whole but also turns out to be a very productive pastime for keeping the mind keen. With the advent of computers the internet has proved to be a wonderful source of word puzzles and is being used extensively for churning out a wide variety of interesting and innovative puzzles.Domain specific word-search puzzles like nursery words words relating to pets and care culinary ingredients and dishes washing and ‘Good morning’ could be a few amongst the diverse family themes on which puzzles are designed for wider acceptability.Jumbo versions of the Family Wordsearch magazines are in no way different to the conventional monthly Family Wordsearch ones except that the puzzles are printed using a larger size of font vis-à-vis the small print puzzles used in the latter to address the issue of visibility and clarity. The ‘elephantine’ jumbo approach of including more number of words in their puzzles in comparison to the non-jumbo versions is also their unique feature. Jumbo perfect bound compilations are known to accommodate a larger number of puzzles too and hence more number of pages and expected to cost more but provide decent value for money spent. The cash competitions could also be of higher values.Family Wordsearch Jumbo magazine being published monthly from UK amidst several other sister magazines with similar content targets families that are no doubt ardent lovers of wordsearch magazines in general but are more attached to their jumbo versions. There are many subscription packages that you can opt for but make sure to subscribe today!

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