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Future Music Magazine

Future Music magazine
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Future Music Magazine Description

Future Music brings you the most in-depth reviews by respected industry professionals plus the news on all the latest hardware and software releases.

If youre into making music using anything from computers and soft synths to a room full of samplers, rack effects and keyboards, then Future Music is the magazine for you. Each month we have exclusive and in depth reviews of the latest hardware and software, tutorials on how to use it plus interviews with some of the most famous musicians out there using it! And if thats not all, we could feature you and your studio in our Changing Studios makeover articles or you could remix the stars by utilising exclusive celebrity samples on our cover CD. Every month there is a huge buyers guide with every product out there listed and rated plus advice on how to buy. Last year a subscription would have got you nearly 5,000 copyright free samples, 9 remix competitions, 12 makeovers, 35 sequencer masterclasses,three complete free sample CDs, 13 cover CDs and a stack of reviews,tutorials and news. Can you really afford to miss out on more of the same this year?

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