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Record Collector magazine
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Record Collector Magazine Description

Record Collector – RC to our friends – is Britain’s longest-running rock and pop music monthly. There’s a reason for that. Our motto is “Serious about music”, because we know our readers are totally passionate about what they listen to. Not that RC is po-faced: we love the thrills and spills of rock’n’roll as much as any veteran roadie. But we think that if you’re serious enough about music to read a magazine dedicated to it, then you deserve one that goes as deep as you do. Although it started as purely a magazine for vinyl fans, and while a love of building an enviable, valuable and unique collection is still at the heart of what we do, you don’t have to be a vinyl freak to love Record Collector. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best features about music on the planet, with artist interviews, discographies and all the inside knowledge that only RC can deliver. Who did this What album was it on What is an original copy worth Does it rock You’ll find the answers here. And it’s not only rock’n’roll: we cover pop, soul, 80s, psychedelia, folk, rockabilly… If it’s good enough, it has a place in Record Collector. The magazine boasts a formidable reviews department in which modern gems nestle alongside classic there’s our remarkable Digging For Gold and Value Added Facts sections, which sift the musical treasures from retro we tell you what’s happening in the world of music auctions, where vinyl of the kind you might discover in your attic can attract incredible prices, and there’s all the news that any discerning music fan could want. Plus you might find a few bargains in our classified ads, which are still heaving with the kind of records that you’d struggle to unearth on the internet. Not yet convinced This might tip the balance: although RC is officially published monthly, the magazine is actually out every four weeks, which means your annual subscription delivers 13 issues of pure musical pleasure. Go on, try it! Record Collector: because we are as serious about music as you are.About This Subscription What Will I Receive?- Please note that this magazine subscription is delivered directly to your chosen address by the publisher, and does not come in a gift pack- Your subscription will usually start with the next available issue and will not be the current issue that is available in the shops at the time of order. When Will I Start Receiving My Subscription?- As soon as you place your order we will take payment from you, email you a summary of your order and, pass your order to the relevant magazine publisher. - Once the publisher has confirmed the order (this may take up to 10 days) we will email you confirmation of this, along with delivery estimates for your 1st issue. As a guide (for UK Publications), please allow:- 3-5 weeks for Weekly publications- 5-9 weeks for Monthly publications- 13 weeks for Bi-monthly and Quarterly Publications.Orders for magazines printed outside of the UK may take an additional 2-3 weeks.

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